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Do you want to help your child to be confident, motivated and excited about school work?

It’s time to try The Sunshine Collective Brilliant Boxes!

Each Brilliant Box contain hands-on, fun activities that have been developed by teachers to directly support the Australian primary school curriculum.

Brilliant Boxes can be ordered on-line and are conveniently delivered to your door, anywhere in Australia!

Features and Benefits:

  • Educational Boxes cater for Pre-School through to Grade 6 linking back to the Australian primary school curriculum
  • Quality resources and materials
  • All equipment needed for each activity is included inside the box
  • Easy to follow fun and engaging activities catering to a wide range of learning styles

Reviewers Experience

As a parent to children in Prep and Grade 3, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to support my children in their education. I’m always on the lookout for activities that encourage my children in their learning that are challenging, engaging and most important of all fun!

I was very excited to try Brilliant Boxes from The Sunshine Collective.

The Sunshine Collective is a Victorian based business developed by two clever mums Lisa Donald-Goudie and Erin Gray that create educational boxes for children in Preschool to Grade 6.  These boxes can be ordered on-line either as a one off, or via a 6 month (semester), or yearly subscription.

On subscribing annually to these boxes, 10 quality boxes (measuring 22.5 cm length x 16cm width x 7 cm high) filled to the brim with fun activities and resources meticulously planned to meet the learning framework of the selected year level of your child will be delivered to your home across the year.

Each box includes a detailed easy-to-follow parent card outlining the activities included in the box, and 14 hands-on, fun educational activities across the subjects of – English, Maths, Humanities, Science, History and Geography, linking back to the Australian primary school curriculum.

The activities are different in each box and focus on key learning areas.  For example; in one of the Level 3 Brilliant Boxes the focus is on Verbs and Adjectives.  At Preschool level, the box focuses on School Readiness.

The research and planning that goes into these boxes is phenomenal.

Each activity has a fun name and clear description outlining the activity and its purpose.  The best thing of all is all equipment needed to complete the activity is included inside the Brilliant Box! How perfect is that!

For example, in the Preschool Brilliant Box (Brilliant Box PS 1) there is an activity called ‘Beautiful Beads’.  This activity includes an instruction sheet describing the activity to be completed, its purpose (colour recognition, hand-eye coordination, counting, addition/subtraction), how to support your child while completing the activity, a labelled bag of quality coloured beads, string, and activity cards.

The Preschool Brilliant Box also includes an activity called ‘Pom Poms for Dinner’. This fun activity asks the child to pick up pom poms using tongs and place the pom poms on a matching coloured circles. This activity includes an instruction sheet describing the activity to be completed, its purpose (colour recognition, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills), coloured circle placemats, a labelled bag of bright pom poms, and quality mini tongs.

Other activities included in the Preschool Brilliant Box includes; ‘My Caterpillar’ (pasting provided coloured counters on a page to create a caterpillar – developing hand-eye coordination, counting, understanding of numbers), ‘Get Me Home’ (developing cutting skills using the bright-coloured scissors, ‘and Let Us Rejoice’ (teaching children the Australian National Anthem).

I loved how this box also included a special triangular pencil so children can practice their pencil grip.

The Sunshine Collective also provide the option to order either left-handed or right-handed scissors on ordering this educational box.

My Grade 3 son was excited to complete the activities in a Level 3 Brilliant Box (Brilliant Box 3.6).

Opening the box, he was immediately drawn to Maths activity – ‘Measure the House’.  This activity required him to find listed household items (ie. a toothbrush, a cushion, a spoon), measure the length of each object using a red measuring tape included in the box, and then write down the objects length.

My son also really enjoyed History activity – ‘Strung Out’.  This activity required him to tie up a piece of string provided in the box and, using the clothes pegs provided, peg up important dates and events in Australian history in sequence.  My son loved reading out each event aloud and moving the events around until they were in the correct order.

I loved how the activities in the Brilliant Boxes are all different and cater to a wide-range of learning styles.  My Grade 3 son found each activity really engaging and took about 10 – 15 minutes to complete.  He said it didn’t feel like he was completing study or homework as the activities were really fun and didn’t take too long!

I loved how the activities triggered lots of deep thinking, follow-on questions, and great conversations in our home.

We love The Sunshine Collective – Brilliant Boxes! These educational activity boxes will demonstrate to your child that learning can be fun, and will encourage your child to continually seek knowledge from a variety of sources.