Blast off on an Intergalactic Adventure with Lost My Name!
What Did We Review:   The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home

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Lost My Name combines the power of stories with the possibilities of technology, to create magical, personalised experiences for kids.

Lost My Name are on a mission to make children around the world more clever, curious and kind.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to order via the website
  • Free home delivery
  • Beautiful hand drawn images
  • An engaging story line with positive messages
  • A unique personalised story

Reviewers Experience:

In a world where digital technology continues to advance at a rapid rate of knots, nothing compares to settling down in a comfy chair, and reading an actual hard cover book together with my little people.

The excitement of selecting a book and taking the book off the library shelf. The smell of the book when you first open the front cover. The feel of the pages between your fingers.

I was so excited to add a new book to our collection, a personalised story book from Lost My Name.

Lost My Name is a UK based publishing company that was started in 2012 by the brilliant minds of four friends and fellow dad’s; David, Pedro, Asi and Tal.  They started their journey with one mission in mind – to bring magic back to story time using a combination of amazing stories, advanced technology and beautiful hand-drawn art.

As soon as I opened Lost My Name’s website to place our order, I could sense their passion to deliver something unique and very special.

Lost My Name offer the option of ordering 3 kinds of personalised books; The Little Boy Who Lost His Name, The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name, or The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home.

After reading a summary of each story, my six-year-old daughter selected to order the book The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home.

Ordering the book was really easy.  Through the menu’s we chose the book, entered my daughter’s name, chose her gender, her hair colour and voila!

But wait… there’s more – we’re not finished yet. This is where Lost My Name is different.

The website then provided an option to add our home address to incorporate an aerial street map into the story – How cool is that!

Lost My Name also provides the option to add a personalised dedication at the front of the book, transforming the book to a beautiful unique keepsake – a perfect gift for birthdays, baptisms, naming days, or as a Christmas gift.

My daughter couldn’t wait to see how the book will look! The Lost My Name website displays the entire book on the computer screen so that you can preview each page prior to purchasing.

Once we ordered the book it was delivered by post really quickly!

Taking the hard cover book out of the postage parcel, I was immediately impressed by the size of the book (A4 landscape), it’s high quality, and the bright colourful images on the front cover.

Opening the book to the first page, my daughter loved seeing the dedication written especially for her on the inside of the book.

My daughter was so excited and couldn’t wait for us to begin reading the story together!

The story begins with two friends (the adventurer – my daughter, and her friend Hubble the robot) travelling together in a space ship when they strike trouble with their ships navigation system and need help finding their way back home.

The book takes the reader on an exciting journey zooming through the galaxy – learning about space and planets, meeting fun-loving aliens, furry monsters, and drinking yummy lemonade along the way!

The storybook’s text twists and turns and changes throughout the story, making it visually fun as we read through the story. The hand drawn pictures on each page are adorable, detailed, bright and entertaining.

The book is so engaging and kept us wanting to know what happens next? Who will they meet? Where will they travel too next? Will they make it safely back home?

My daughter loved seeing her name in the book; “that’s me! that’s me!” she shrieked pointing at her name in the book and the character in the space ship.  The book doesn’t just mention my daughters’ name, it’s all about her!

The story is so well thought out and beautifully covers topics such as; the meaning of friendship, that they (the adventurer – my daughter) are special and are loved, and to not be afraid.

The personalised touches in this story go above and beyond what I have ever seen in a picture story book.  I loved how the story cleverly incorporated our countries national flag, a stunning picture of our capital city, and an arial street map of our home.

I loved the book The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home from Lost My Name, it made story time together with my daughter extra special.  This book would make a special keepsake and be a beautiful addition to any child’s home library.