The Best Gift EverJohn, a 32-year-old contractor from Milford, Massachusetts, was taking a drive to clear his head when he drove through his hometown.

He grew up in Blackstone and lived there until his father got a new job, and relocated the family to Milford. While taking his drive, he drove to his childhood home to see what had become of it. Not only did he grow up there, his father did as well.

When he pulled up in the driveway, he was horrified at what he saw. The windows were boarded up, the home was abandoned, and completely run down. This gave John an idea.

After taking a look around the property, he went to the town hall to find out who had ownership of the home. When he found out that the home had been foreclosed and ignored, he contacted a real estate agent. Within days, he was able to purchase the home for a very low price.

Once he held the deed to the home, the hard-work started. John recruited a few of his employees, and they were ready to start. John’s idea was to renovate the old house and give it to his father as a gift.

The thought of being able to take his children to visit his father in the home that they both grew up in made John happier than he’d been in years. After making the necessary home renovations in Brisbane, he would be able to take the home from being a boarded up mess to a beautiful, modern home.

When the men got inside the home, they discovered that the entire kitchen would need to be gutted. This means tearing out the cabinets, ripping up the floors, and replacing all of the appliances.

John installed cherry wood cabinets going from ceiling to floor to provide extra cupboard space. He installed hardwood floors, and included them throughout the home, giving it a more open, spacious feel.

They added a kitchen island for additional seating and counter space, installed granite counter tops on all of the services, and added decorative touches, such as backsplash and new lighting.

After the kitchen was done, the men moved on to the two bathrooms. They replaced the old tubs with walk-in showers, with floor to ceiling tile designs. They replaced the vanities, counter tops, floors, and installed water saving sinks and toilets.

The bedrooms were not in very bad condition, therefore, he just needed to add the hardwood floor, install new closet doors, and paint the walls.

Because the home was left sitting for so long, the heating system, plumbing, and electrical wiring needed some work to get each system functioning properly. This required him to get the help from several different trades. After a few days of people filling the house and making the necessary repairs, everything was functioning properly.

When the inside of the home was done, John called in a landscaper to put down grass, plant flowers, and shrubs, and they trimmed a few of the trees in the yard, including the one that once held John’s tyre swing.

The renovation took almost three months, but when it was done, the home looked amazing.

It was three days before John’s father’s birthday, and he took him to the house. His father could not believe his eyes when he saw the home, all renovated, with his name on the mailbox. John explained to his father that the home was run down, and he renovated it for him.

It was the greatest gift that John’s father had ever received. The first family cookout was one they would never forget.