Australia is great for expats because local employers aren’t afraid of accents. Even if your English isn’t perfect, you still have a very good chance of finding work in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. Nearly one-third of Australian citizens were born overseas. That’s the highest number in 120 years!

This means that employers and recruiters are used to hearing Indian, Chinese, French, Italian or German accents, and they are willing to hire foreigners more easily than European or American employers would. Of course, your English skills must be decent if you want to work in sales or customer service. But if you are an expat in Australia looking for a job in IT, you could get by even with a medium level of English if your technical knowledge makes up for it.

You should go to an English school as soon as possible to increase your chances of finding a good job! Australia’s cost of living is very high, so you need a decent salary to survive.

Here is a list of Australian jobs that hire expats. If you have the required skills, you should definitely apply!


Have you ever worked in mining? Or you may have an engineering degree? Even if you don’t, the Australian government is willing to train you if you’re ready to move to the bush or the outback to work as a miner.

Sounds difficult? Maybe, but the salaries are very high. Many mining specialists earn at least $150 000 a year. This is a great opportunity for expats willing to work in remote Australian locations such as Kalgoorlie.


If you visit Seek or Indeed, you’ll realise that there are lots of opportunities in recruitment for expats. You can work as a recruiter specialising in IT, finance, construction etc. The sky is the limit! Recruiters work hard, especially at the start of their career. But they can earn high commissions when they find the right candidates for their clients. Lots of agencies are willing to train new recruiters, even if they have no experience, as long as they’re ambitious and organised!


Although Australia is lagging behind a few other countries in terms of start-ups, neighbourhoods like Darlinghurst or Surry Hills in Sydney are full of new companies willing to hire foreign coders!

Are you a computer engineer? Or a full stack web developer? Can you create iOS apps, or design great user interfaces? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you should try to find a job in IT in Australia. Or what about creating your own start-up?


Australia needs lots of construction workers and architects, so if you are an expat and a construction specialist, you have a good chance to find a job in Oz! This is hardly surprising: Australia is a huge country with lots of empty space and a rising population. The government needs to build new housing, offices etc.

The latest example of such a trend in Sydney is the Barangaroo neighbourhood that’s being built on the riverfront. It will welcome hundreds of apartments, offices and shops, plus a brand new casino.

This type of job can be hard, but the salaries are very high. If you’re an expat who hates sitting in a stuffy office and you like outdoorsy, physical work, this could be a career for you!

Food and catering:

Australia is actually a foodie country. Who would have known? Most expats associate delicious cuisine with France, Italy or Spain, but not with Oz. That’s a big mistake! There are lots of Michelin star restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne, and foodie shows are all the craze on TV!

If you’re a chef, baker or pastry whiz, you’re gold for Australian employers. You should definitely apply for a work visa, buy your plane ticket and show them what you can do! Profiteroles anyone?

Medical field:

There are lots of doctors, nurses and dentists in Sydney or Melbourne, but not enough in rural Australia. Would you be interested in moving to Broken Hill, the outback town where Mad Max 2 was shot? If you are a health worker and you love adventure and incredible landscapes, rural Australia could be the right place for you. You could apply for a visa and obtain it relatively easily if you ask to live in a remote community as an expat. Tired of big cities and willing to help? Here is your dream expat job in Australia! You could also apply to become a vet or vet nurse. Vet & Pet Jobs is a great jobs website to find employment in the Australian vet industry.

I hope this list of expat jobs in Australia will help you launch your career Down Under!