Become a Team with Your Family! The importance of Collaboration for a Greater Connection.Tweens need to feel that they have a strong supportive team with their family.

Working together as a family; giving opportunities for tweens to express their views and be genuinely listened to by caring, responsive adults teaches respect, trust, and open communication. Think of your family as a team.

We named our family “Team Nardi”, because that is our last name. You could name your family something fun like “Team Cool” or “Team Awesome”.

This creates great unity and trust within your family. As a whole, the family shares a mission, values, and goals. Our families help us live through the happy, good, sad, and painful times.

Take a moment to think about your family team. How is the team functioning? What can be improved? How are you providing leadership for your team? What is required of the members of this family team, and why?

Each individual family member brings a different skill, their personality, and role to the team.

Here are some guidelines that we have used in our home with our 10 year old son and 16 year old daughter. I hope that you find some takeaways to use with your Team.

  • Allow all members of the family team to express their thoughts and opinions.
  • It is ok to admit mistakes. Keep your promises.
  • Establish and share expectations.
  • Clearly state the responsibilities of each family team member.
  • Collaborate as a family team, no competition within the family team is allowed.
  • Parents need to be aware that each family team member is an individual and may have different ways of communication or delivery of expectations.
  • Individuals need to be responsible for their own areas as assigned. This would include chores.
  • Listen to the family team members when they suggest alternative or new ways of accomplishing goals. Value each family team member for their own strengths and skills.
  • Accountability and consequences. Clearly define was is expected of each family team member and the consequences if and when goals are not met.
  • Each member of your family team has something valuable to teach the others.
  • Providing an opportunity for learning and asking for help, if needed from any member of the family team.
  • As a family team, we can help each other get through tough times. Because we have family teamwork, they can balance one person’s difficult time with other family member’s strengths.
  • Love and respect all members of the family team!

The most important part of a team is trust and knowing that your family team will be there for you no matter what. Go team!