Baby Not Sleeping Try an ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag!
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ergoPouch Australia design and manufacture a range of pure organic cotton sleeping bags and accessories.

Babies sleep better in natural fibres for the simple reason that they improve breathability and keep your little one’s body at an even temperature. This makes them perfect for all seasons without the need for blankets.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) has acknowledged the ergoPouch range of fashion forward, high quality baby swaddles, sleeping bags and sleep suits as “hip-healthy” products. The acknowledgement comes as a coup for ergoPouch, who puts the health and comfort of infants and children at the forefront of their product designs, as they are the first Australian company to receive formal acknowledgement from IHDI.

Whether you’re swaddling a newborn or have a toddler on the move, there is an ergoPouch to give your family a safe and comfortable night’s sleep.

Features and Benefits:

  • Available in a range of colours and styles
  • Made from natural fibres including organic cotton, bamboo and merino
  • Adjustable as your baby grows
  • Easy to wash

Reviewers Experience

When you’re a mum of a newborn baby it’s a wonderful exciting time, but it’s also incredibly overwhelming and physically exhausting.

The demands of feeding, settling, nappy changing, bathing, the mountain of housework, and then on top of all that; caring for older siblings, can leave you stressed out and run down. Sleep becomes the holy grail to function.  Then if your newborn is like mine and also won’t sleep properly (despite trying every trick in the book!), the days can seem to blend together with no end in sight!

I was so excited to try the ergoPouch ergoCocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag with my bubba.

The first thing I loved about this sleeping bag was how there are so many different styles, patterns and unique colours available to choose from.

It is also quite compact when not used and folded.  Perfect for storing in the nappy bag for day trips or weekends away visiting friends or family.

Its soft natural fibres, are so gentle against my babies’ sensitive skin.  It keeps my son so comfy, snug and warm during sleep time, but he doesn’t get too hot, and he still has plenty of room to wriggle about and kick his legs.

This sleeping bag is so clever and versatile.  I can swaddle my sons’ arms inside the sleeping bag while he is newborn and then unfasten the buttons on the sleeves to let his arms out free when he is older.

I love how the zips and buttons enable easy access at nappy changing time, and allow the sleeping bag to be opened up in the warmer months.

If my baby falls asleep when I am out and about visiting friends, the buttons allow me to safely put him in his car seat, and put his seat belt harness on, without having to remove the sleeping bag and disturb him.

The sleeping bag is so easy to clean with a damp cloth, or can be placed in the washing machine.  The sleeping bag dries quickly ready to be used again during the next nap time.

I love my ergoPouch ergoCocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag.  It has really helped my son to sleep better, and enabled me to get some much needed rest.