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What a great read! You do not have to be a mum to appreciate this story of change, travel, self discovery and most importantly of Baby and a Backpackhope.

Some chapters tell of the emotional journey not so much in words, but in the style used. Short, sharp sentences and dialogue in the angry chapters. Observant descriptions of the surrounding sights, smells and food dominate the happy and peaceful chapters. This book goes into more detail about the authors memories and reminiscing than the country she is in at the time. This is a journey of an internal life.

Like memories or a story told over dinner, the book has a general timeline and yet meanders back at different points to key events in Jane’s history. It makes the book more like a conversation and requires you to pay attention to keep good track. There are times where it may seem a little disjointed, but life can seem disjointed and this is a roaring story of a life.

Features and Benefits

  • The chapters are short so you can break up your reading time very easily. (But you won’t want to put it down)
  • Jane’s writing style is quite conversational, she writes as if she were talking to you
  • Very easy to follow and it’s a truly deep insight into her thoughts and feelings
  • An entertaining yet real book that is neither too fluffy or too darkly emotional


 This was a surprising book to read – it is one woman’s story with universal themes.

  • How much our childhood influences our adult life, decisions and reactions to certain situations.
  • The joys of friendship and true trust and comfort.
  • What we will do for love, and how we choose to interpret certain events at the time and (differently) later on with the benefit of hindsight.
  • A universal story of how a woman grows and often battles with simple things such as asking for help, or self belief.

An enjoyable, entertaining and inspiring book. There are some wonderful and powerful pieces of advice and life lessons scattered throughout the pages.

Be prepared for some possible frustration as Jane fumbles and bumbles her way. This truly is an open and honest telling of a journey, including the highs and lows.

There are also some quite raw moments as the author sheds insight into her feelings at and about pivotal points in the story. At times you will laugh, there will be moments where you grimace with her and some of the moments may even bring tears. Jane Cornelius bravely opens her mind and heart.

It’s not an “Eat, Pray, Love” although some evaders may find similarities. Baby and a Backpack is a more intricate tale of how a woman grows up through both hardship, lost love and motherhood.

It is also a story of how our childhood will stand us in good stead if only we let it.


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