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Should I inform my child’s school after separation?

Separation can be a highly stressful event for a family, particularly when a child is involved. Decisions involving which party will move out of the family home and where your child will reside can impact on a child’s stress levels and well-being. The experience can put unwanted pressure on all aspects of a child’s life, including their time at school. Although in many cases there is no legal obligation to inform your child’s school after separation, in some cases you may find that letting them know will benefit your family. Informing your child’s teacher or a trusted member of...

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How Family Law Applies to Blended Families

Today’s households bear little resemblance to the “idealised” nuclear family of the 1950s. Blended families, with children of previous relationships and perhaps a new set of offspring, are increasingly common. Many parents and stepparents are eager to understand how family law applies to their new-age family unit that reflects a combination of the Brady Bunch/Modern Family prototype. Each partner or parent’s rights and responsibilities are suddenly not as clear cut as they once were and the saying “yours, mine and ours” is greyer than ever.

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Same Sex Parenting and Family Law

In Australia, as in many places around the globe, the landscape of the family structure is changing rapidly. As the legalization of same sex marriage and same sex couple parenting becomes more solidified, the rights and best interests of the children of these relationships, is becoming a paramount issue.

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What you Need to Know when Separating

Separation is a painful and confusing time for everyone involved and certainly not the future couples foresee for their family. The first thing you need to know is that you are not alone, no matter how you feel. The most important thing to realise is that there is help and support available to you from people who understand your needs and can give you professional guidance as to your specific situation. Very often, the process of coming to terms with your radical change in circumstances will affect your children and your financial future. For this reason you will need some sound legal advice as to your options and entitlements. Every situation is different, but the following are a few very basic principles which may help you during this difficult time. How Australian law protects children in a divorce Children are very emotionally vulnerable when their parents separate. You and the other parent might benefit from some counseling as to how to approach the situation with your children. Separating couples often wonder when to tell the children and what to say. It is of paramount importance to put the interests of the children above any feelings you may have of guilt, revenge, entitlement or blame. The custody and visitation provisions of the Family Law Act dictate that it is the best interests of the children that will determine any order...

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