Author: Jennie Gorman

Creative Expression

We all have creative self-expression within, which can come in many forms. There are many varieties of artistic disciplines to explore, many of which we start to culminate and process whilst we are young. By trying different experiences, with hopefully unlimited restrictions, we can find what makes us happy whilst creating our own potential.

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Who controls your life?

Who controls you and your life?  I hope that you will say YOU, and if not, you would like to understand this better. Wanting to take back this part of yourself, your self-talk along with your pride and courage is the first step.  We all have two real choices in all situations, whether to say YES or NO. If you are saying what you really want to say in every situation, you are free from being controlled.  Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes a MAYBE is needed, as making a decision at that moment...

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Is Your Networking Building Your Business?

As a business person, I know you know how important networking is for the growth of your business. So I ask you, is your networking building your business? Many people who attend networking events, enjoy the experience but don’t attract more clients and/or increase their business profits. They don’t even build a new relationship. Do not expect, just because someone likes what you offer, that they will be keen to catch up for a coffee. They may exchange business cards with you BUT nothing usually comes of it. This in NOT their fault!! It is because they are not sure...

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Tribes can change the world

Who is your tribe?  Have you found yours yet? In general, we all tend to gravitate to people of like-mind whether for fun, business or relationships.  For me personally, this has always been easy as I have a natural love of people and being an extrovert does help too.  Finding out what makes people tick, where we have a synergy, as there is usually one if you look hard enough, is what I like to do as quickly as possible. For some people, this is particularly hard … especially if they are introverted and find meeting new people difficult. ...

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