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Author: Fiona Neumann

Should Parents Encourage Their Teenage Children to Work While Attending School?

When I was a teenager many years ago, I believe we had some of the same pressures that teenagers today do about getting a job while still attending high school. You wanted money so you did not need to depend on your parents financing your social activities. If you wanted the cool clothes and/or accessories, you needed money to go shopping. Peer pressure. If all your friends were working at McDonalds, you felt the pressure of joining in, in case you missed out on anything. Does any of this sound familiar? I am embarrassed to say, that the only reason I decided to get my first part time job as a teenager was because my mum refused to buy a jacket that I wanted. You should have seen the price tag, I don’t blame her now. My parents welcomed the idea of me wanting to work part time, I suppose they saw it as financial freedom. As the old saying goes though, money is not everything. There are so many great reasons to encourage your teenage child to gain part time or casual employment. 1.       Mentor Mentors are people who are outside your family unit who you can look up to, learn from, relate to, and confide in. They are sometimes called role models.  As teenagers are at an impressionable age, having a mentor (a sounding board) can relate...

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