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Where to Buy: Birth Goddess

Katrina  Zaslavsky has poured her heart and soul into this book which is a powerful book for any intending mum to read. She is right in her early comments that women tend to share the terror and horror stories of birth rather than focusing on the empowering and positive aspects to what is one of the most significant events in a woman’s life.

The views of the author are quite strong and clearly expressed – and yet there are many times in the book where she encourages readers/mothers to gain your own knowledge and make your own decisions. Reading this book should be part of that process.

Features and Benefits

  • Written by a woman for women and filled with stories from other women
  • There are 21 chapters each addressing an important theme of pregnancy and birth
  • Clear messages – be informed and make your own decision
  • A conversational style which makes it easy to read
  • Every chapter has sub headings, quotes and a story that brings it all to life
  • Filled with personal views and real stories the book offers great insights

Reviewers Experience

An easy to read book that allows either a start to finish approach or choose a chapter and read the relevant one.

It was refreshing to read such personal views being expressed openly, although some readers may find that a little off putting.

The premise of the book is that women’s bodies were made for making babies and that pure medical interventions are not the only option. It is important to read all of the book and not just snippets to ensure that you form a full and complete opinion. This book is a great source of information and insight to natural options and yet there are stories of blending natural birth styles with hospital environments.

This is a book that should be read before you get pregnant and ought to ensure that you choose supporters (whether medical or natural specialists) who are skilled, supportive and have the best interests of you and your baby in mind.

It really is another example of where good research and preparation will pay off.