Big Hueys

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Where to Buy: Big Huey’s Diner

We visited Big Huey’s Diner – opposite the South Melbourne Market in Coventry Street.  It’s no wonder this is such a great draw card to those wanting to spend a few hours shopping, exploring and then refueling!

Met at the door and welcomed in like old friends we were seated at a comfortable and roomy booth and provided with the extensive menu. The waiter took the time to ask if we’d been before and then told us all about the offerings and pointed out the features of the modern artwork and the reason behind the decor. At once, we felt at ease with the place and confident that we were in good hands. By the time he’d finished, we would not have been surprised to see Joanie or Ritchie walk out of the Restrooms.  And don’t forget the special ticket for the kids – it’s a winner.

Po’ Boys are something that I’ve been lucky enough to experience in their place of origin, New Orleans, and Big Huey’s version of a prawn Po’ Boy was a tasty, authentic version with deliciously creamy mayonnaise made on site. The burgers were obviously made in house, juicy and with a choice of innovative combinations. The sweet potato fries are a tasty addition available to all meals.

Big Hueys Kids MenuThe menu for the younger family members includes the usual suspects, but with a twist. For example, the fish fingers we tried on the day were made of fresh fish cut into fingers and lightly crumbed.  More please.

Sauces on the table were also made on the premises and included a gorgeously rich tomato ketchup, aioli; Cajun remoulade mayo; anchovy mayo; house tomato chutney; Bobby’s steak sauce; house ketchup; Mr Wong’s Sweet ‘n’ Spicy BBQ Sauce; harissa yoghurt. A great choice for all taste buds.

I can highly recommend the raspberry margarita that was a special on the day. Made with fresh raspberries and a twist of citrus, you get the message again that all that they do at Big Huey’s is done with the freshest of ingredients and with taste and pleasure in mind.

Big Hueys DinerMy partner went with the Huey Combo – he certainly wasn’t disappointed.  If there is too much to choose from the menu, his advice is ‘go with the Huey Combo’.

And Huey has done more than ‘just’ very good food.  The atmosphere is much more than just a café, or just a restaurant, it is full of life for you to make what you want.  And remember there’s a juke box as well!

The versatility of the space and the food means Big Huey’s is a great place for an adult night out, a teenagers special occasion (have a party in the separate mezzanine dining room) or a child-friendly lunch.  Covers every situation really.  If you are a family of one, a dozen or even more this seems the perfect spot.