What Did We Review: AllerBuddies Allergy & Medical Alert Bracelets

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AllerBuddies range of allergy and medical alert bracelets were created with kids in mind.

The bright colourful designs and the bold Dr Willow Wombat emblem ensures that those around your little one will be alerted to their condition and aid in keeping them safe.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made from quality material that is comfortable against the skin
  • Bright colourful designs
  • Great for camps, birthday parties, pre-school, school, child care

Reviewers Experience

Anyone who has a child with a food intolerance, allergy, or anaphylaxis, knows that every adventure outside of the home environment can be a scary experience.

You can’t watch your child every second of the day and when they are in the care of others, such as at pre-school or school, or even with family and friends, it can be a constant source of anxiety wondering if they are OK.

Will the people in charge remember your child has particular health needs, or if there is an emergency will they be in control enough to think to tell the ambulance, doctor, or health professionals?

Unless you’ve had a child with an intolerance or allergy it is difficult to think of the possible situations that could put your child at risk, such as someone offering your child a treat or your child coming into contact with the source unexpectedly.

As your child grows older and the activities that they are involved in increases, making others in their environment aware of their condition is incredibly important, any device that can assist in ensuring that all children and adults know about it can reduce the danger, increase the chances of quick and appropriate medication being administered and generally give peace of mind.

The AllerBuddies Allergy Alert Wristband is a durable and washable wristband made of a soft rubber material.  The wristbands are available in different colours and are really bright so they are easily seen. They are available for asthma as well as egg, fish, milk, peanut, sesame, shellfish, soy, tree nuts and wheat allergies.

Each wristband has the allergy words written in bold letters, and a cartoon wombat (Dr Willow the bush doctor) holding an object representing the allergy – this allows other children to understand what to keep away from your child.

Kids love to wear wristbands and these wristbands have three clips to suit different sized wrists.

I first tried a wrist band on my child during an outing to the park.  My daughter said the wristband did not get in the way as she was climbing.

As she was playing in the park I noticed kids asking her about the wristband, encouraging positive discussions about health, allergies and intolerances.

These wristbands would be suitable for kids to wear to pre-school, school, camps, sports events, day trips, birthday parties, childcare, or family day care.

We have had our wristband for over a month now, the wristband has been to school, play dates, dance lessons, and lots of trips to the park and is not showing any obvious signs of wear and tear.

My daughter loves her AllerBuddies Allergy Allert Wristband!  It’s a fun fashion accessory for little people that they will want to wear, and that keeps them safe.