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Like many, we wondered about good story books for the kids. Where do you find them? We found it difficult sorting through all the titles in the bookstore. There are just so darned many books and which one will suit what age and is this the right message for this particular event and other questions.

Forget the struggle, there’s a place called Story Mama and they do the heavy lifting. This is a dream place to find a book for whatever age / gender / interest child you have.

Features and Benefits:

  • It’s online – shop at your leisure
  • Research – select by; Age; Gender; Interest; Event; etc.
  • Testimonials – Check out what others thought before you buy
  • Awards – Learn what awards the book has won
  • Gift Wrapping – they’ll even gift wrap your purchase

 Reviewers Experience:

Story Mama is a dream come true for parents looking for a story book. Jump online and check out a host of titles which have been researched by Story Mama and could also have a testimonial attached from someone who has purchased it before you.

So easy to find an area where you might want to look for that special story for your little one. Categories to look in include Age, Title, Interest and Milestone (event – new sibling about to arrive / starting school / etc.)

Without actually speaking with anyone about the proposed purchase we were able to feel very comfortable getting our books because of the plethora of information available.

Subsequently were we happy with our books? Wombat Goes to School; Olivia Saves the Circus and Weasels are books with different themes but they are books which are pulled from the shelf time and time again for another read. Each time, the excitement mounts with the telling of the story.

That’s pretty much what we thought as a result of the advice from Story Mama.

They even rate the books they sell.  Story Mama reasearches each title and give it a score for being:

  • fun and interesting to read aloud
  • pretty to look at
  • engaging
  • have an “again?” factor
  • and extra points for a good message, lesson or heart string tug

From here on we will forget all the hard work of sorting through all the titles, trying to figure which one might be age appropriate and at least until the kids pass 7 years of age we will be making Story Mama our priority call for any new picture story.