Agile-PLUS-Reverse-Handle-Hero 2Agile PLUS Reverse Handle Travel System Stroller
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Where to buy: Britax Australia

In my opinion, the Agile PLUS Reverse Handle Travel System Stroller is the ‘Swiss army knife’ of strollers.

Not only does it look appealing, but handles with the greatest of ease.

Features and benefits

  • Reverse Handles
  • Hand brake and Foot brake
  • Large canopy
  • Has the ability to connect the Steelcraft Infant Carrier
  • Includes a tether strap
  • Includes a child tray
  • Includes rain cover
  • Easy to lower for storage
  • Ample storage
  • 5-point harness

Reviewer’s Experience

As soon as the Agile PLUS box arrived, it took everything I had to not tear open the box like a child with a new toy! Instead I sat down and read the instruction manual like a good adult should. From start to finish it took me only 20 minutes to put together (checking twice to make sure I had everything connected correctly) and it looked amazing with its denim coverings.

Now Master 5-months-old has been spending all his ‘waking’ days lying flat in a bassinet pram and this has suited him well until now. He has become rather inquisitive and likes to sit up and watch what’s going on around him and I have found the Agile Plus has worked a treat.

The adjustable backrest is easy to use. Unlike other strollers which involve clicking motions with the child moving up and down until the backrest locks in, the Agile PLUS has an adjuster strap which is easy to pull to raise the seat up and a sliding motion button on the adjuster allows you to manoeuvre to the desired height; so easy.

I also love the five-point harness. Sometimes it’s not easy to get little arms into harnesses, but the 5-point harness makes it much easier by having all the straps meet at one point instead of having to get arms through loops.

The Agile Plus has so many features. The biggest plus I immediately found was the reverse handles which allowed Mr 5-months-old to be facing me or facing the world depending on his mood.

I was very impressed with the sun canopy which when extended has a large amount of coverage. The canopy also contains a window/flap at the top which is magnetised allowing it to lock back into place quietly when necessary.

As my partner and I have a little bit of a height difference (it’s safe to say I’m much shorter), we have found that the adjustable handles are an added bonus.

Not only are there the regular 2 heights, but the ability to move to any desired height which means we can both push the stroller with ease.

I’ve often thought a true sign of a great stroller is its ease of being able to fold down. I’ve been one of those people found in a car park getting frustrated at a stroller I’d borrowed not folding down no matter how hard I try or how I hold my tongue.

The first time I used the Agile Plus I found it very easy to lower with its one hand fold; click button #1 and pull strap #2 and the stroller lowers itself.

It then locks the frame together with the storage latch and it was ready to be loaded into the boot of my car. I have a hatchback and usually have to load any shopping onto the back seat of the car as there is no room left in the boot, however after using the Agile PLUS, I found that even after doing a load of groceries, there was room for them in the boot alongside the stroller.

Very happy with this stroller and highly recommend.