Leapfrog Creativity 244x300

We have known Leapfrog for a few years now, beginning with early reader books for our 3 year old who quickly mastered the art of using the ‘pen’ to read the stories and also to play the games. Not long and it was tracing the letters and numbers and gaining an understanding of how they worked.
Soon there was Scout, who helps read the books and now we have moved onto the Leap Pad. This is a fantastic fun and educational tool.

Features and Benefits:

  • Large, High Resolution screen
  • WIFI
  • Parent section – make it safe to use the web
  • Access to the Leapfrog educational library
  • It’s Kid perfect

 Reviewers Experience:

We moved on to the LeapPad Ultra and this is aptly referred to as the ultimate kid’s learning tablet. It’s fantastic. It is filled with an enormous amount of material right from the get go and then there is much more that can be added depending on what your little one is interested in and what level you want to work on.

Leapfrog Creativity 600x300The Adventure Sketchers cartridge seemed like a good step for us and after having it in the LeapPad for a short time our choice was given the big tick. Little Miss took to it as though she had created the program in the first place. This game provides opportunities for becoming involved in the adventure including drawing, recording voices for characters, as the player works their way through an epic journey. They learn about decision making, searching for clues and treasure, drawing and storytelling.

The player gets to draw characters in the game including animals and vehicles, all of which help in furthering this great quest. Our little one can’t get enough of it and as she plays we notice that her ability to make decisions and express herself, seemingly beyond her years, grows and as it does so does her confidence.

Our little one has adopted this so quickly and learned so much about overcoming obstacles and working through problems we (parents) are asked very infrequently to help. Not really a problem given the outstanding benefits – but I would like a turn at Adventure Sketchers.