What Did We Review:  Whirlpool Crisp N Grill Microwave Convection Oven

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This 25 litre capacity Crisp n Grill Convection Microwave allows every member of the family to be a whiz in the kitchen.

This unit is so clever that not only can you heat, you can steam, bake and fry.

Simply select a food type and the Crisp n Grill will take care of the rest, adjusting its cooking time and power usage accordingly.

With a powerful airflow ensuring your food is cooked evenly, each and every time, the only thing standing between you and all your favourite foods is the simple touch of a button.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic food weight sensor
  • Three dimensional heat
  • Steam function
  • Quartz grill
  • Easy to use
  • Self-adjusting cooking time
  • Ability to bake and fry
  • Even cooking

Reviewers Experience

Whether you’re a novice cook or culinary connoisseur, the Whirlpool Crisp n Grill brings so much more to the kitchen than just a flash-looking microwave. This is a machine to suit busy lifestyles, quick cake making and the urge for a swift side of crispy chips.

Our model was red – so naturally it went fast, 😉 but the truth is it delivered on all the claims of crisping, grilling and baking. We loved the Jet Crisp and Jet Defrost options which allowed a microwave to do so much more than heat, and made meal prep just that much easier.

Meanwhile, even a non-baker can enjoy guaranteed bake sale success, with a quick, convenient and never-fail baking function, and yes it really does crisp and grill.

On that note, the Crisp n Grill was simple to use for everyone in the household and there are even handy stickers on the inside to remind you what function delivers which capability.

All in all the Crisp n Grill was a kitchen winner, allowing you to stop sweating over a hot stove and step away from the kitchen this summer.