Gro HushReviewer’s Rating:
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The GroHush baby calmer is a delightful device that plays the soothing sounds of a heart beat, rain on a tin roof or ocean waves. It’s padded oval shape fits easily into your hand for easy use with your child and its hard storage case makes it easy to take any where with you.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • Small & Compact
  • Transportable
  • Child friendly
  • Easy to clean (the cover goes through the washing machine)
  • Not fragile (my children have dropped it and it is still working)

Reviewer’s Experience

The name GroHush Baby Calmer implies that it will only calm a baby. I have found that is a limited view.

Last night I put my six year old daughter to bed with our GroHush, she was over tired, anxious, teary and refusing to settle for sleep. After listening to the rain setting for 10 minutes, she was asleep.

My toddler is prone to tantrums when he is hungry/tired/not getting enough attention/ getting too much attention/etc. I have found that giving him the GroHush on the heart beat setting, buys me enough time to finish what I am doing whether that is making him a sandwich, a bottle, doing the dishes or getting everyone out to the car for school pick up. In fact the change from on the floor screaming to quietly walking around holding it to his ear has an almost magical quality.

And I will admit that I have used it myself when I am having trouble relaxing. I love the sound of the ocean and the knowledge that the GroHush will turn off after ten minutes allows me to relax and listen to it without continually checking the time.

And as for baby, the heart beat setting is a great reassuring/settling sound. The recorded heart beat is what I would expect baby would have been hearing before she was born, it is not the sound that we hear from a stethoscope, it is more the swoosh swoosh noise that you hear on a Doppler heart beat reader. I am looking forward to sending our GroHush calmer with our darling when she starts day care and feeling less worried about her ability to settle for her sleeps. In fact I will probably recommend that the day care centre buys one to have for any child that is hard to settle.