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The Closer to Nature Advanced Comfort Feeding Bottle is a life saver.

A reduction in air bubbles during feeding allows for a smooth continuation of feeding without the need to interrupt for burping your baby.  Even more important was the reduction in colicky pain which I’m pretty sure was more distressing for me than my baby.

Great technology in a simple bottle that is well priced.

Features and Benefits

  • Bottle is ergonomically designed – fits comfortably in your hand and makes feeding easier
  • Venting Wheel – it’s a valve that to reduce baby ingesting air
  • The teat allows for easy latching – there’s a better seal for baby’s mouth
  • Ripples in teat – this mimics the breast feeding action and makes transferring from breast to bottle easier

Reviewer’s Experience

Feeding became stressful for both me and my husband as we would have to cut it short as a result of our baby boy crying from colicky pain.

As soon as we changed over to the Closer to Nature Advanced Comfort Feeding bottle he was more relaxed and fed with ease. Such a simple product made our life so much easier.

A must-have for every family.