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I dared to dream my five-year-old’s first concert experience would be memorable, I dared to dream it would excite an interest and sense of intrigue in live entertainment … and the slightly mouth agape, lean forward in her seat response to Disney on Ice-Dare to Dream was all that I had hoped for.

This week we joined a posse of primed and primped princesses to see the highly anticipated Disney on Ice-Dare to Dream performance in Brisbane, and boy did it live up to the “are we there yet?” hour of anticipation during our pilgrimage to the Entertainment Centre.

The concerts are touring Australia at present with Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane under their belts, and Sydney and Melbourne yet to go.

And if you can get your hands on some tickets it’s well worth the investment in fun, frivolity, some amazing ice-skating and all the joy that Disney traditionally serves up.

There’s music, colour, lights, fabulous costumes, and some laughter along the way for this truly delightful 90 minute show.

Features and Benefits

  • Age appropriate
  • Exciting and inspiring
  • Relatively affordable with tickets starting at $29
  • A great holiday activity
  • Brings Disney to life
  • Escapism at its best
  • Some awe-inspiring surprises along the way
  • Reprises some classic Disney fairytales to delight boys, girls and their parents alike

Reviewer’s experience

There was more than a slight buzz in the air as we followed a steady trail of Disney-attired children into the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Monday.

We’d heeded the advice of previous attendees and arrived a good hour early to pick up tickets, make the obligatory toilet stops and find our way from the car park.

Our party, which comprised a couple of mums, three girls aged between four and seven and an infant, were soon directed to our seats amidst the hum of very excited children.

We’d purchased our tickets late for this but were set to enjoy the performance even from the nosebleed section of the Brisbane final day matinee performance. From there we still had a great view of all the colour and magic of Disney brought to life on the rectangular shaped ice-rink below.

There was plenty of singing, some fabulous aerial skating and some truly loveable heroines and heroes as the performance recounted three Disney favourites.

From Snow White we moved onto Cinderella, and watched the girls recoil at the wicked step mothers that Disney brings to life so well, only to utter audible sighs and mutterings about the beauty of the costumes and sets.

There were sparkles and shimmers, twirling and whirling and some great audience interaction along the way.

But the true masterpiece of the day was the rendition of Tangled – a take on the story of Repunzel.

Without spoiling anything, the aerial maneuvers had even us older girls leaning forwards in our seats, pondering the worker’s insurance and endurance required to stage such a show.

A touch Cirque de Soleil, with the glamour of figure skating and the happy endings Disney always delivers, it was an even better than expected finale for a girls’ day out. Saying that, I’m sure my son would have got as much out of it as my five-year-old daughter did.

If there are any tips, it’s get there early and be prepared to queue for the loos, as the bulk of the audience is female.

And then sit back and enjoy – it’s a great day out for the kids that encourages all of us, even the bigger princesses, to dare to dream.