9 Upcycling Ideas That Anyone Can DoPeople tend to  bring new items to their homes almost every day. In that way, we are creating a big collection of belongings.

In the end, we forgot about a lot of them and they are just gathering dust in some corner.  Learning how to reuse stuff around the house is a good way to keep away the clutter and treasure your belongings more.

Learning how to make creative things out of waste can be little tricky but it’s not impossible. Having the desire is the first step to success upcycling project.

There are lots of DIY upcycling projects around the web from where to take inspiration. If you are a newbie you can start with these projects. They won’t take a lot from your time and money.

Repurpose Your Old Suitcase Into a Cabinet

If you have an old suitcase which is just lying at your attic you can give it a new purpose.

First, measure the height and width of your suitcase. Divide the high in 2 ,3 or 4 proportions, you decide how many. Next, you will need some wood material. Cut the wood and attach it to the suitcase.

Now you have a new upcycled cabinet which you can hang anywhere.

Use A Chic Window Box As An Ice Cooler

If you have some old chic window boxes around the garden, why not re-using  them as an ice cooler. Fill one of them with ice and put inside as many bottles as you like.

Transform Your Old TV Into an Aquarium

This is a really easy upcycling project that anyone can do.

You just need to get rid of the insides of the TV and have/buy a new aquarium which to fit in it.

Your Plastic Spoons Can be Your New Lampshade

All you need is a glue gun, sharp cutting knife, pliers, plastic spoons, a lamp with a cable and a big plastic bottle.

Remove the bottom of the plastic bottle, Cut the handle of your spoons, you won’t need them. Start glueing the spoon parts to the bottle. Then just put the cables and the light bulb inside.

Remodelling Your Beer Bottles

You can paint the beer bottles with different colours and use them as vases. If you want you can glue to them seashells or any other item you like.

Pallets Are a Real Treasure When Comes to Transformation

Pallets can be used inside or outside your house.

They can be upcycled to couches, chairs, tables, shelves and much more. You can even create a set using them or why not a relaxing corner in the garden with some pillows on the top.

Vintage Design Trays

If you are short with tea/coffee trays you can always transform one picture frame into a beautiful tray.

No need to buy expensive ones. Prepare a breakfast in bed for your loved ones on a vintage tray. 

Upcycling Idea for Pet Owners

If you have a pet, instead spending money on pet beds, you can just remodel your suitcase.

Empty it, paint it if you want, put some cushions in it and it’s ready.

Jars Can be Your Secret Weapon

Just use your imagination and you can easily transform jars into vases, a storage place, or as a light fixture.