Are you thinking of getting orthodontic treatment?

A lot of people out there don’t seem to understand that having good orthodontic treatment helps in improving your overall health and reducing any health problems that you may have. Lack of proper orthodontic treatment increases your chances of suffering from gum disease, tooth decay, chewing and digestive difficulties, tooth loss, speech impairments and bone destruction.

Having properly and straight aligned teeth will make you feel good as well as making it much easier to clean than poorly aligned and cramped teeth which can lead to a loss of teeth and gum decay. Bad orthodontic problems can also cause a misalignment of your jaw joints, unproductive chewing functionality, unnecessary wearing down of your teeth which can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your gums. Problems caused by crooked teeth can lead to facial pain and bad headaches if you don’t treat them in time. Orthodontic treatment at the right time will always pay off in the long run. Here are 6 health benefits of having orthodontic treatment done:

1. Reduces Problems with Your Speech

Having properly aligned and straight teeth will allow you to speak and pronounce your words properly and clearly without being hindered by poorly aligned teeth.

2. Decreases the Chances of Oral Disease

The gaps that are present in your gums when they are improperly aligned tend to accumulate harmful bacteria, but these gaps disappear as your teeth become straighter and better aligned. These gaps are pockets that hold a build-up of bacteria, plaque and cavities which can lead to periodontal disease if not taken care of in time. Properly aligning your teeth gets rid of these gaps that tend to accumulate plaque and bacteria, and improves your oral health. Gum disease can cause health problems that will extend far beyond your mouth if not treated in time. Proper orthodontic treatment prevents gum disease and keeps your health in proper shape.

3. Prevents TMJ

TMJ is a shorter version of temporomandibular joint which is just an abbreviation of your jaw. Your jaw is composed of bones, tendons and muscles which are all designed to be in proper alignment. If your jaws are out of alignment then you may tend to experience a popping sensation in your jaws when talking or chewing. Luckily for you, this can easily be corrected with proper orthodontic treatment.

4. Reduces Your Chewing or Biting Problems

Orthodontic treatment on poorly aligned teeth improves your bite as a misaligned bite can weaken your teeth and reduces their chances of breaking or being chipped. This also improves your chewing and prevents your teeth from becoming too worn out in certain parts.

5. Lowers the Risk of Sleep Apnea

An improperly aligned jaw can lead to sleep apnea which is a disorder caused by an obstruction of your airway when you sleep. Your teeth are naturally designed to hold your tongue in its place. If you jaw happens to be out of alignment then it is possible that your tongue may fall backwards down your throat and block your breathing. People suffering from sleep apnea can stop breathing nearly 100 times every night, which deprives your brain of vital oxygen intake, causing some serious health issues.

6. Reduces the Risk of Tooth Injuries

It is vital that you have your bite corrected as having any protruding front teeth can be pretty dangerous, especially for young children who play contact sports. Protruding upper teeth are much more likely to become chipped or cracked due to an accident and eventually break off completely which can lead to your teeth becoming infected and needing to be extracted later on.

Technological advancements in orthodontic technology has made treatment for teens and adults a whole lot easier than ever before. Other than the 6 health benefits above, orthodontic treatment will boost your confidence and improve your self-image and self-esteem.