Who wouldn’t love a relaxing time on the beach, an adventure to the jungle, a peaceful moment watching the crimson twilight by an infinity pool? Travelling has always been a great time to unwind, to learn and to reflect. However, travelling with your children is another story. If you don’t plan well, it can turn out to be a horrendous disaster. You don’t want a family holiday filled with unhappy kids and grumpy parents, do you? Here are 5 tips that will help you plan the perfect holiday with your children.

  1. Research, research, research

Research everything, from the flight, the accommodation, the food, the transportation, etc. It may take more time to research, but it will definitely pay off. If you are travelling with young children, you don’t want any a last-minute surprise like finding out that the place around your hotel/villa is empty at night. Here are a few things you may want to check out:

  • Flight: What is the duration of the flight? How far is the airport to your hotel/villa?
  • Accommodation: What kind of experience do you want to have? If you are travelling with your family, it will be more cost-effective to stay in a villa rather than the hotel. You will get to enjoy the private pool, dedicated staff, and your kids can roam freely around the entire space.
  • Location: Is it easy to get to the places you want to visit? What is the surrounding area like? If you can’t find this information in online guides, reviews or blogs, simply reach out to the travel agency or the hotel/villa you are contacting.
  • Food: Food is an important part of the travel. It’s a learning opportunity for your kids to get to know the local cuisines and culture. However, it is advisable to read about the local food beforehand to make proper preparation, in case your kids can’t eat it.
  • Transportation: What is the common means of transportation? What is the local practice? How long does it take to get to tourist attractions? If it’s a long journey, you may want to bring along some toys and snacks for your kids.
  1. Let your kids plan their luggage, but double check it

Allowing your kids to pack their own luggage is a great way to teach them how to pack for a holiday. It also gives them the freedom to choose what to bring and be responsible for their own goods. However, being kids, they are bound to forget stuff or bring too many unnecessary things. So give them the freedom to decide, but also make sure that they have the essentials.

  1. Bring extra clothes

Kids will get their clothes dirty no matter where they go. Therefore, always bring some extra clothes if you don’t want to use the laundry service at the hotel/villa. Furthermore, you may want to bring a light jacket for the kids, in case the night breeze gets too cool, or the plane’s temperature is a bit too low.

  1. Ask for help

When you want to have a break and needs someone to look after the kids, you can check if you can ask for help that the local day-care service. If you are staying in a villa, you can also ask the villa’s staff to help you babysit the children.

  1. Role-play unexpected scenarios with your kids

It’s hard, but we have to admit it, kids tend to forget what we tell them to do when they are lost, or when any unexpected incident occurs. Role-playing different situations and let the kids practice what to do can help them remember better.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun! A vacation is a time to bond with your family and create everlasting memories together. Make your holiday one that you and your kids will always be fond of.