Marina PassalarisAt an early age, Marina recognised the difficulties teenage girls experience growing up and vowed to dedicate herself to empowering and educating these young women with the knowledge and skills to maintain high self-esteem and self-confidence.

Marina’s commitment and devotion to this issue led to the launch of Beautiful Minds in 2007, which has established a reputation as Australia’s leading provider of self-esteem and confidence education.

Educating over 33,000 teens in New South Wales during 2015 alone, Marina has become a trailblazer in her work to support teenage girls deal with the issues they face day-to-day when growing up.

Describing herself as a bridge between parents and their daughters, Marina is devoted to helping young girls through the challenging journey of being a teenager.

Marina is also an avid writer and uses this as another means to reach teenage girls, having published her best-selling book Beautiful Minds, A Journey of Self Discovery for Teenage Girls in 2013.

Marina continues her advocacy for teenage girls with a regular column in Mouth of Mums, where she discusses how parents can support their daughters through the ups and downs of adolescence.

We are lucky enough to have spent 5 minutes with Marina to get a sneak peek into what life is like for her.

Who is your family made up of?

My father George, mother Peta, sister Georgie and cats, Michelina and Uri.

What is a typical day with your family like?

My sister lives overseas and I am in Sydney so when all four of us come together, its magic! My dad is Greek so its all about the food. Both my parents are incredible cooks so a day with the family is normally us at my parents home on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast. We tend to sit around the kitchen and talk and laugh a lot, followed by taking the boat out for a cruise around the Mooloolaba water ways.

Who is one person in your life you are thankful for and why?

Only one? I have many people in my life that I am very thankful for but if it is only one, I would say my sister Georgie. We are best friends and I know she is the one person I can call at any time, day or night to chat to. I think having a sibling who you really adore is one of life’s greatest gifts! I am hoping that one day when we are in our 90’s, we will be sharing a house together and still laughing.

Where do you live and if we were to visit you what would you show us?

I live in Rose Bay in East Sydney. If you were to visit, firstly you would get a warm hug as you entered the front door. Then I would usher you into the kitchen, make you tea and feed you. Then, I would show you around my beautiful home made up of fabrics, trinkets and art I have collected over my life time. Everything in my home has a story behind it.

What is your greatest talent or ability?

My greatest ability is the belief I have in myself and the work I do. I know I am on the right path, its my life’s purpose and I am relentless when it comes to building the Beautiful Minds and BU Day brand. My greatest talent is to always find the good in everybody I meet. Everyone has something special to offer.

If you had the attention of the world for just 10 seconds, what would you say?

#BURSELF Walk your own path, Be You, We only have one ‘trip’ so let’s make the most of it.

If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?

I would love to have the super power to eliminate hunger. Growing up in Africa you witness many starving children and adults. We live in a world where food and the supply of fresh water should be endless, yet there is still so many starving people in the world


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