5 Minutes With Grant Denyer - Australian Television Presenter, Motor Racing Driver & Dad!Grant Denyer is a man of many talents – motor-racing driver, Dancing With The Stars champion and television host with the most.

Known for his work on Sunrise, The Guinness Book of Records, Greatest All-time Aussie Bloopers, Million Dollar Minute and Australia’s Got Talent, he is a widely respected and much loved Australian entertainer.

In 2014, Grant joined Network 10 as has since hosted the revived television classic Family Feud and The Great Australian Spelling Bee.

We are lucky enough to have spent 5 minutes with Aaron to get a sneak peek into what life is like for him.

Who is your family made up of?

My immediate family is made up of my wife Cheryl, my two daughters Sailor and Scout. Sailor is five and Scout is nine months, and me.

What is a typical day for the family like?

Well, it’s lucky I get to spend a lot of time with them because I go away for Family Feud, all of that’s filmed interstate. Um, I’m then home for a week, so it’s really, really good.

I live on a little farm, we’ve got three cows. So, my daughter Sailor and I love to feed the cows and they’re Scottish Highland cows, so they’ve got long hair and big horns and they’re just gorgeous. So my daughter and I like exploring around the farm, and you know we’re good.

We enjoy living in a country town, and it’s you know, we’ve got a beautiful log fire, which is great in winter time.

Who is one person in your life you are thankful for and why?

It’s a good question. There’s a lot of ways I could answer that question.

I think the first guy who ever gave me a job in television. I am very thankful that he came along. I wasn’t a particularly smart kid; I was never going to have the points to get to university.

So, I came in through television through a back door. And that man, whose name is Doug Hogan, took me on, taught me everything, and I wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for him. So, I was very, very lucky.

I used to work in the school holidays for free, to try and get experience and without that opportunity I wouldn’t have Family Feud or The Great Australian Spelling Bee. You know, I’m very lucky.

Where do you live, and if we were able to visit what would you show us about your home town?

That’s a good question. I’m obviously living in Bathurst, about 6 kilometres out of town. It’s the home of one of the world’s greatest motor racing circuits, and I race cars, I love cars.

So Mount Panorama is, that’s my Mecca. It’s like the holy home of motorsport. Particularly in this country, but admired around the world. So, it’s my personal draw card, for sure.

What’s your greatest talent, or ability?

Probably, racing cars is probably my greatest talent.

I’m currently leading, what they call the Australian GT Championship, which is pretty cool. So, that’s been my lifelong, sort of, semi-professional hobby if you like. Since I was about 16, so yeah, racing cars is a big passion of mine.

If you had the attention of the world for just ten seconds what would you say?

Hey everybody, just chill out and be kind to one another. Just love not hate, simple!

If you could have any super power which would you chose?

That’s a very good question, which I reflect on a lot. I want to fly man. Who doesn’t want to fly?

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