Dr Joanna McMillanDr Joanna McMillan is one of Australia’s favourite and most trusted health and wellbeing experts.

She is a PhD qualified nutrition scientist and Accredited Practising Dietitian, and a former fitness instructor, giving her the sound credentials required to help us all make head or tail of the increasingly confusing nutrition and health messages in the media.

Dr Joanna is a regular on television, radio and in print media, and is the founder of Get Lean, an online lifestyle change program.

She is a spokesperson for Beta Heart and proud ambassador for Diabetes Australia, The Skin and Cancer Foundation and FoodBank.

We are lucky enough to have spent 5 minutes with Dr Joanna McMillan to get a sneak peek into what life is like for her.

Who is your family made up of?

My immediate family consists of my husband Joel, my two sons Oliver and Lewis, and our Labradoodle puppy Spartacus. I then have an extended family all around the world!

What is a typical day with your family like?

My sons alternate their weeks with us and with their father and his partner. My weeks are therefore very different.

When they are with me I make breakfast for the three of us – my husband is always away very early to work – and we eat together while I make their school lunches.

After dropping them at school I have a walk with my dog and then work at my desk or head out to meetings until school pick up time. I then have to juggle my work with soccer, making afternoon snacks for the kids, supervising homework and so on… like most working parents this is not always easy to fit it all in, but I’m thankful I work for myself so I’m able to be more flexible.

Then I cook dinner once my husband is home and then sit around our dining table to eat. That’s my favourite part of the day as its the time my kids are most likely to chat with us!

After dinner we watch something on TV, head to bed where I read before turning out the light.

Who is one person in your life you are thankful for and why?

I’m thankful for lots of people in my life – I have amazing friends, terrific colleagues and a close supportive family.

But in picking one it has to be my husband. We were married at Christmas and he was brave enough to take on not just me but my two boys too.

He is an amazing step-father and the best life partner I could wish for. Not everyone is lucky enough to find such a good fit in a partner and I’m thankful everyday that I was.

Where do you live and if we were to visit you what would you show us?

I live in Bondi and love that I can walk the beautiful coastal path most days.

If you were to visit me I’d show you my hospitality of course.

I love to entertain so you’d likely get a recipe experiment of some sort and have a glass of wine in your hand while we ate and talked.

What is your greatest talent or ability?

Probably communication.

From a work perspective I found a niche for myself in media by being able to translate science and nutrition into what it really means for our everyday food and lifestyle choices.

Since media reporting can be very consuming and controversial a commonsense voice is generally a welcome thing.

If you had the attention of the world for just 10 seconds, what would you say?

Don’t be confused about good nutrition – eat real food with plenty of plant foods and good variety and you’re 80% there!

If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?

The ability to fly Superman style – then I’d be able to beat Sydney traffic!

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