Becky GilhespieBecky Gilhespie is a food writer and former UK Masterchef semi-finalist.

Becky is originally from the US but lived in London for 15 years and now resides in Sydney. Her food is inspired a lot by her travels (and desire to travel more).

Her blog, EAT what we EAT provides inspiration for meals that the whole family can enjoy.  They are elegant, easy to follow recipes that are fast to get on the table and use every day ingredients.

Becky wants to help tackle the notorious picky eater problem and whole heartedly believes that if kids are exposed to and offered new foods regularly in non-pushy way, then they will eventually become more open-minded with food.

We are lucky enough to have spent 5 minutes with Becky to get a sneak peek into what life is like for her.

Who is your family made up of?

My husband Rogan, our boisterous 3 year old Oscar and our cuddly 9 month old baby, James.  And Pinkie, our black and white cat who traveled to be with us in Australia all the way from London last year.

What is a typical day with your family like?

On the weekends we tend to wake up right on the nose by both boys at 7 am, 7:30 if we are very lucky!  We slowly come to with coffee in bed (plus toys, plus a cheeky 15 minutes of iPad for Oscar) then go downstairs for breakfast together.

On the weekends Rogan fixes us his specialty – poached eggs on sourdough toast. Then he takes the kids out of the house while I usually have a singing lesson or two to teach.  (I am a vocal coach as well as a food blogger)

Oscar has a lot of energy so getting out is a must.  Back for naps at 1pm – and that includes EVERYONE.  That rest time saves us all!

In the afternoon I tend to do some baking and dinner prep, unless we are going out for dinner or getting takeaway. I cook a lot in the week so that is nice to let someone else do it for a change.

Boys are in bed by 7 – 8pm.  Rogan and I are exhausted after the bedtime routine so we relax with a glass of wine, watch Breaking Bad and then I do some food blogging until midnight.

Who is one person in your life you are thankful for and why?

My husband Rogan.  He is so supportive of me.  When the kids are testing me, he steps up to give me a break.

Since I’ve started my food blog, he takes them to give me some time to work on it, and regularly waits patiently while I try to get the perfect photo shoot of our dinner.  I know that has to be annoying sometimes.  His support makes all of our careers possible.

Where do you live and if we were to visit you what would you show us?

We live in Rose Bay.  I would show you our fantastic home.

We rent a little cottage on the side of one of the first original homes in Australia.  It has so many gorgeous historical features, beautiful grounds with olive and lemon trees, fresh herbs and flowering plants year round.

The owner who lives in the main house is a big foodie and we swap notes and share dishes regularly.  It’s a perfect first home in Australia for us.

Becky Gilhespie-1What is your greatest talent or ability?

My greatest ability is being able to feed my family well with limited time and resources.  I pride myself on writing great recipes for families that use store cupboard ingredients and are fast to get on the table.

They are meant to be for the whole family to enjoy together, so kid friendly yet also interesting to the adult palette.

If you had the attention of the world for just 10 seconds, what would you say?

Kids should be exposed to a whole range of textures and flavours, i.e. “adult food” as early as possible. Its fun (and easier for me) to all eat the same foods together. Try Baby Led Weaning: its such a joy to watch a baby choose whatever he/she wants, grab it and then eat with gusto.

If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?

Being able to multitask 30 things at once (all mums need this!)


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