Thinking to replace your roof? There is a wide variety of roof materials available in the market due to which it becomes difficult to understand what you need and what not. We understand a new roof is a huge investment and it needs to be done after clearing your all doubts like what kind of material will suit your location, its pros and cons etc.

Here are the most important must-knows about main roof materials

Asphalt Shingles- Asphalt shingles are commonly used on sloped roofs, single homes and small residential projects. They are the least expensive materials, durable and available in wide variety.

There are two main types of Asphalt Shingles-

a). Fiberglass- Fiberglass Shingles are crafted with glass fibre on the base reinforcing mat and coated with asphalt and mineral fillers that convert them into the waterproof material. These are extremely fireproof as compared to organic shingles.

b). Organic- Like Fiberglass, Organic shingles are also the waterproof product which is made up of paper with an asphalt coating. These are durable than fibreglass shingles.

Advantages of Asphalt shingles

a). They are the Best-priced options for roofs
b). They are easy to install
c). The wide variety of options are available
d). Large Lifespan
e). They can be recycled

Disadvantages of Asphalt shingles

a). Avoid installing them during freezing temperatures
b). Not an environmentally friendly product as they produce greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing
c). Periodically maintain routines are required
d). Sudden weather changes can decay or crack the product
e). They are more prone to wind lifting
f). As compared to other materials they are not the high-quality product

Wood shake- Wood shake is crafted from split logs. Wood shakes are naturally beautiful and have unique traditional and classy designs. They are used for roofing purposes as well as siding applications.

Advantages of Wood Shake

a). It is naturally beautiful and a high-quality material
b). Its an ideal roofing material due to its Long-lasting property.
c). They are biodegradable and can be recycled
d). Durable in severe storms
e). They are the Energy-efficient roofing solution because it keeps the heat in during winters and the cold out during the summer, which allows you to spend very less on energy bills.
f). Eco-friendly material

Disadvantages of Wood Shake

a). Regular maintenance required
b). They are more expensive and cost more to install

Slate Shingles- Slate Shingles has a unique and beautiful appearance. It is also a natural stone product which is known for its highest quality and long-lasting roofing material.

Advantages of Slate Shingles

a). Classy and beautiful appearance
b). If the roof is properly constructed then it can last for almost 150 years
c). Extremely fireproof material
d). It is an environmentally friendly product

Disadvantages of Slate Shingles

a). Expensive
b). Slate Shingles weight is much more than an asphalt shingles
c). Needs proper and tough installation
d). They are fragile and replacing broken tiles is not an easy process

Metal- Metal roofing is a very common material used for roofs and constructed of steel, aluminium and copper strips. Even it is more popular nowadays as compared to traditional asphalt shingles. It offers great protection and has a lot of advantages.

Advantages of Metal

a). Portable and Lightweight
b). Durability
c). Energy efficiency
d). Low- maintenance
e). Fast & Easy to install
f). Available in different textures, styles and colours

Disadvantages of Metal

a). High-Cost
b). They can be noisier than any other roofing material
c). Large Hailstones falling on metal roofs can cause denting

Tile- The most common tile roofs are clay, concrete and sand-cast. It is available in different shapes curved, flat/ interlocking or fluted. Fixing roof damage is not a DIY project, always go for professional and trusted roof repairs services in Sydney or wherever you are located.

Advantages of Tile

a). Fireproof
b). Longevity
c). Requires no maintenance
d). Environmentally friendly and can be recycled
e). Can resist any kind of environmental and insect damage
f). Tile roofs can easily resist severe weather conditions

Disadvantages of Tile

a). Expensive
b). They are heavy
c). Requires professional roofing contractors for installation
d). Material is Fragile


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