Boating in Ibiza with Es Vedra y Vedranell islandsOwning your own boat means outdoor adventures whenever your heart desires. Boats hold an element of luxury, a sense of freedom and a little bit of summer fun. When planning your next boat though, there are must have items your boat needs to ensure it’s a safe one. Here are 10 items every boat owner should buy to encourage the best boating experience that’s both safe and fun.

A Marine Chart Plotter with GPS

Gone are the days when you only had navigation charts to find your way. Now, you have advanced technology to help you when you’re on your mission. Marine chart plotters and vector marine charts are recommended for any boater who may be traveling the high seas. These devices can be used to navigate the boat automatically by connecting with the auto pilot system on board and are essential in promoting a safe boating journey.

VHF Marine Radio

You should always have a marine radio on call in the event of an unforeseen event such as inclement weather. This device will help you contact marinas and other nearby boats if you’re in distress. It’s worth the money invested because it makes the sailing experience easier and safer.

Fish Finding Devices

Fish finding devices check both the temperature and the depth of the water. In addition, you can watch the bottom of the sea with many fish finding devices. Fish finding devices are also an important consideration for safe anchoring.


A compass is a necessity for any boating outing even if you think you know the way. If your electronic devices fail, you’ll always have a backup for emergency situations. Always have a compass when you’re traveling in areas where GPS signals may fade in and out.

A Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is a necessity if fire erupts while at sea. You want to extinguish a fire quickly to avoid irreparable damage to your boat and sinking. It’s always best to have two or three fire extinguishers on board to prepare for disaster.

A Bimini Top

A Bimini top is helpful if you’re going out to sea by serving two purposes. The first purpose is protection from sun exposure and this can be both comfortable and lifesaving. The second is protection from the rain. Bimini tops are inexpensive, but your trips will be more enjoyable and safer.

Paper Marine Charts and Navigation Tools

Paper marine charts are a great idea, especially if technology fails you. Within minutes, you can find you position and course. If you want to find a path to follow, you can use these paper marine charts to help you. When you suddenly lose your GPS signal, you’ll be prepared.

First Aid Kits

If someone is harmed on the boat, you’ll need to treat them until you can get to dry land. A first aid kit can come in handy. If you hurt yourself, it can only get worse if you don’t treat it immediately. Choose a kit that doesn’t take up much space but is still effective. This is essential for fishing accidents, boating accidents and in preparation for emergency situations.

Take Ropes and Additional Anchors

Ropes and additional anchors come in handy if something goes wrong with the anchors you already have in place. If there are high winds, you want to ensure that you have another anchor if the other one is lodged and gets lost beneath the sea. Always be prepared. It may take two anchors to hold your boat in place if the winds are blowing, and there is a steady rain.

Keep a Second Outboard Motor On board

When you’re traveling at high speeds, one of the first things that can fail is the motor and so a spare can be helpful in these situations. It’ll also save you time and money by planning in advance and can be extremely helpful for longer trips.

Be Prepared at All Times

These must have items cover the primary things you’ll need. You’ll also need life jackets, ladders, mirrors, paddles, stabilisers, buoys, lights, and maintenance equipment. All of these items are necessary for a safe journey and keep you from hard.

Most people neglect to consider safety precautions until something adverse happens. Plan in advance and avoid potential problems before they happen. Though the chance of something happening seems miniscule, it always happens when you least expect it. Be safe and plan ahead for the best outcome.