10-dos-and-donts-of-tween-skincareSkin problems and blemishes have long been a teen problem, but with girls entering puberty earlier, we see more and more girls aged 12 and under with pre-adolescent acne.

Parents can help their Tweens by understanding the DO’s and DON’Ts of early skincare, so they can introduce a healthy routine to protect and nourish young skin.  Tweens are pretty new to personal care, so guiding them and choosing the right products specially formulated for young skin is crucial.

  1. Do encourage face washing twice a day. It is by far the best way to promote and achieve healthy skin.  It helps remove dead skin cells and excessive sebum which both contribute to blemishes.
  2. Do get them to refresh after exercising. Sweaty skin leads to breakouts and can contribute to body odour (the bacteria responsible for body odour thrive in warm, moist environments like after exercise). A soft, gentle face wipe with Aloe Vera and chamomile can reduce heat in the skin and clear away sweat.
  3. Don’t scrub too hard. Scrubs on young skin will create discomfort and enlarge pores and should be avoided at all costs. To exfoliate, a soft facial brush or a treatment with AHA is much gentler and more effective.
  4. Do use a soap free, non-comedogenic (non-poreclogging) face wash. Soap based washes dehydrate skin which can leave it feeling tight and will increase sebum production. (Leading to more breakouts)
  5. Don’t miss a single day applying sunscreen. Sun damage is the leading cause of skin disorders such as skin cancer, pigmentation and premature aging.  A moisturiser with SPF 50+ applied every morning and reapplied after swimming or exercise is a no brainer.
  6. Don’t use shampoos and conditioners which contain dimethicone. This silicon traps in moisture which is great, but unfortunately it can also trap bacteria under the skin and scalp and lead to breakouts in young skin.  It can also sting if applied to broken skin or blemishes, so best to choose dimethicone free moisturisers and hair products, which run down the back and face in the shower.
  7. Do educate your child on the benefits of a good skincare routine, and the potential problems arising from not looking after your largest organ.
  8. Don’t let them touch their face. Hands are covered in billions of bacteria, mostly harmless but some which can lead to blemishes.  Always get them to wash their hands before washing their face.
  9. Do remember what it was like when you were a tween. It’s a challenging and changing  time in their lives and it’s important to understand the issues they may be facing
  10. Don’t wait for skin issues to occur. Get on the front foot and promote a healthy, protective skincare routine.  If skin problems are left too long before seeking advice, some damage may already have been done.  Seek assistance from your pharmacist or doctor if you need further advice, and do it early.

Our product range has been specifically formulated by a pharmacist to ensure it’s ingredients are well researched, gentle, protective and nourishing so mothers can be confident that they are choosing the right products for their girls.  The range is perfectly suited to tween skin and almost all of the range made right here in Australia.