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Make A Car Out Of A Cardboard Box

Make A Car Out Of A Cardboard Box

Children will have fun making a car from a cardboard box. Smaller boxes can be used to create cars that are worn around the waist and used for a race or a game of "red light, green light." Larger boxes can be used to create cars that are stationery and can double as toy storage.

1.Determine the design of the car based on the size of the box. A large box can include a door for the child to enter and exit from. Smaller boxes can be used to create a car that the child can wear around his waist.

2.Cut doors on both sides of the box. For small boxes, cut a circle in the bottom that is big enough for your child to step into.

3.Glue smaller boxes to the front and back of the main box for the trunk and hood.

4.Separate the flaps of the box and pull them up to use as a windshield.

5.Paint the car. Add accents with construction paper. Add racing stripes with colored tape.

6.Cut lights from construction paper and attach them to the front and back of the car. Attach colored paper or plastic plates on each side for wheels. Use glue or attach them with a brad so that they will turn. Use another paper plate for the steering wheel.

7.Make a license plate from cardboard or a Styrofoam meat tray that has been sterilyzed and dried well. Have the children personalize them with their names.

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