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     "The hub for all things family!   Pour a cuppa, pull up a chair and explore a virtual playground where Family meets Business meets FUN!"  Support, friendship & much, much more.



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    Ask that nagging question – be answered by professionals. Support from start-up through all levels.  Resources & Tools for all areas: Mentors – Q&A – Events – Magazine – Webinars–Networking.


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    Find the fun in life: Travel, Movies, Dining, Festivals, Fetes and Weekends for the Family! Includes: Calendar; Newsletter; Travel Advisors; Product Reviews; Articles and more.


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     The place of the Kids:  

    Kids in Art;  Kids Writing for Kids;  Kids Craft;  Kids in the Kitchen;  Kids at Home;  Kids at School;  Kids in the Community; Kids in Sport.  Competitions; Prizes - more.


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    Exciting Promotional Opportunities.

    Banners; Advertorials including Business of the Month, Employer in Profile; Competitions; Events; Reviews; Business Directory; Sponsorships.



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About Family Capers

Family Capers is the cyber playground where busy families grow together. A vibrant community of members gathers here for fun, friendship, business development and growth - and for personal, professional and parenting advice from a diverse panel of experts. Established in 2009, Family Capers is the result of seeing a need for a supportive online space where families of all descriptions could hang out, safe in the knowledge that here is a place where they can share ideas and learn together openly and productively.

Family Capers is a natural step to extend the social and personal arms of our online community into one that supports families in work as well as play. Family Capers Business, Family Capers Adventures, Family Capers Kids and the other family brands offer working families an online networking centre to bounce ideas, solve problems, seek expert advice and promote products and services.

Join a free webinar on personal or business development, or browse through our blogs and the hundreds of articles in our magazines. These are also an outlet for your creative talents – submissions are welcome.

Find your caper, enter competitions and read product reviews. Kids can play in our section, Family Capers Kids, while the adults drop into the Business section or our forums for a chat in Australia’s most supportive online community for families - who live by Mum’s advice that ‘if you can’t say something positive, don’t say anything at all.

So come in, kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable... you’re part of the family now.

The Family Capers Team

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