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Tips to keep your home warm this winter

With the colder temperatures now setting in, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to stay warm and shield their home against the harsh winter elements. Before cranking up the heater and running the risk of increasing your energy bills, Merlin has a few tips to help homeowners stay warm at home this winter. Insulate to […]

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Real Insurance awards over $100K to help children in need

Real Insurance has announced the first round of recipients for its community grants program, Real Needs, awarding a total of 14 organisations from across Australia. With $105,000 worth of funding awarded this month, Real Needs aims to support Aussie kids by helping to launch new initiatives or build on existing services and programs. The first […]

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Alcohol and your teen

I always thought the pressure for my teen to drink would come from her friends. The actual reality was the pressure came from an unexpected source. At a party a woman in her 50s thought it was ok to offer my 14-year-old daughter her first drink. Her reasoning was that she was old enough to […]

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Busting myths about children and technology

There’s a lot of commentary on the ways technology harms young kids, however as a researcher in children, technology and learning I find most of this commentary is wrong. It’s not based on any reliable evidence and it seems its sole purpose is to create hype, hysteria and increase publication sales. The misinformation it imparts […]

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A dream come true with Disney

Reviewer’s Rating: Where to Buy: I dared to dream my five-year-old’s first concert experience would be memorable, I dared to dream it would excite an interest and sense of intrigue in live entertainment … and the slightly mouth agape, lean forward in her seat response to Disney on Ice-Dare to Dream was all that […]

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Milk Soup with cinnamon dumplings and melon

Serves 6 Ingredients 2.5 litres of milk Zest of 2 lemons, cut into large strips 2 cinnamon sticks 4 mint sprigs, plus extra sprigs to serve 750g caster sugar 60 ml anis liqueur 200g two-day-old bread, crusts removed 1 honeydew melon Olive oil, for deep frying 5 eggs, lightly beaten Ground cinnamon, to sprinkle Method […]

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Household Philosophy for Working Parents

Once you dust off those black trousers and re-enter the workforce, you advance to a whole new level of juggling. Work time. Commute time. Child time. Spouse time. Garden time. Household jobs time. Sleep time. It’s no wonder that Personal Time gets forgotten. Let’s make three assumptions: 1) you’ve negotiated the best working arrangements possible; […]

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