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A VERY personal trainer to take the guess work out of pelvic floor training

Being a parent is rewarding in so many ways – the chance to create, nurture and love a tiny person from conception to birth, and then see them blossom into a toddler, child, teenager and finally young adult is one of life’s greatest gifts, pleasures and ultimately, achievements. And then there’s the extra bits and […]

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A Citrus and Cucumber Pick Me Up

SODASTREAM | RECIPES CITRUS AND CUCUMBER PICK-ME-UP Ingredients: SodaStream Naturals Fresh Lemon (one cap) Cucumber (half, unpeeled, thinly sliced) Strawberries (one handful, washed and hulled) Mint (small handful leaves, washed) Lemon wedges Method: Fill a SodaStream 1 Litre Carbonating Bottle with tap water and chill Carbonate the Bottle and flavour with a SodaStream Naturals Fresh […]

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Turning little tykes into little doctors

Reviewer’s Rating: Where to Buy: Online Its easy to see why leapfrog are such a leader in children’s toys, books, and games. With their great designs and products, they truly do try to create the best possible learning experiences for kids. Its no different when it comes to the MOBILE MED KIT. The kids will be playing […]

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Sam’s BBQ Pulled Pork

Is there anything better than pulled pork that has been roasting in the oven for six hours? Add a smoky BBQ flavour with the tang and sweetness of an apple and you have a winner of a dinner recipe! Sam Canning from Cannings Free Range Butchers developed this recipe d for all the pulled pork […]

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